At the risk of making this sound like a typical CEO’s story, I would like to begin with sharing that it has been a long time that I have been in the technology business and I am glad that I am here because my passion for technology and innovation drives my work and in return my work reinforces my passion.

Currently, I work in the capacity of the Senior Vice President, Global Engineering, Pitney Bowes Inc., responsible for establishing and managing the complete range of operations in R&D for Pitney Bowes in various locations across the world including India, where I am also the Managing Director. I lead the global R&D portfolio of high growth line of business – Digital Commerce, spearheading new initiatives and leading global engineering teams. I have come a long way since I joined Pitney Bowes and this experience has indeed been one that has been gratifying.

Although this is where I belong now, I cannot fail to remember where I started out from. Well, I was a small town boy from Rajasthan, India, known to be one of the most vibrant and colorful states in the country. It is where my roots are and it is quite overwhelming to write about where I began and recall that time, seeing where I have come. Coming from the time when the mobile phone had just been invented to a time where a smart phone has become a necessity, to think about this progress is awesome and I think my curiosity and awareness of technology has grown alongside this evolution. I even had a keen interest in architecture which encouraged me to pursue an education in architecture. This interest also spurred from my fascination with Geography. I am also glad that my work today at Pitney Bowes keeps me in touch with it because our profound specialization in location intelligence.

Initially, when I started out with Pitney Bowes, I got the opportunity to live in the US which was a new experience altogether. It was great to work and develop a cross cultural understanding and background which I have been able to hone ever since. It was in 2007 that I moved to India as an expatriate to start-up the India operations. And today I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished in these eight years. We are now running operations in Noida and Pune and growing to become a set of cross-functional teams with 45+ different software product teams consisting of a total of more than 600 people
Although I am an out and out tech person but motivation and talent management is at the core of my role. After all, you are only as good as your team. When it comes to talent management, it is safe to go back to the quote that there are no great acts, but only small ones done with great passion. People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it, and what you do is simply proof of what you believe.

Moving away from shop talk, I do have several other interests as well. Being a qualified architect, I do praise the field and it also spouted my travel interests where the architect in me has a ball. It would interesting for you that I also have a keen interest in painting and specifically appreciate oil on canvas. Moreover, I also enjoy still photography and would be glad to share about these interests and experiences with you all.

Although I do not feel like there is an end to this story because there is always something new I am learning and trying to keep a dynamic view of the world, be it in technology or business but as all good things my story has come to an end here but I will keep adding to this story as and when I find the time but till then, keep checking out my blogs because you might just find a new and innovative perspective on technology and business.